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English Version II

English Version II

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Published on Mai 7th, 2010 @ 20:33:25 , using 150 Wörter, 1130 Ansichten
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We have been cycling now for two weeks. It's about time to make another english post for those of you who are not familiar with German.

In 13 days we made 1054 km and about 6000 altitude meters. At the moment we are in Rotenburg (~20 km north-east of Bremen). We have seen the "Pfalz" with its wine yards, the castels along the river "Rhine", we have crossed the "Westerwald with its numberous of hills. We have slept in a medieaval castel, and for the last few days, the flat parts in the northern part of Germany.

In the beginning, the weather was very beautiful, a lot of sunshine, and warm temperatures. During the second week we had to battle against rainfall, cold temperatures (today only 10°C) and wind.

The bikes and our legs are still in perfect shape. We had to take only one mecanical stop to change the tyre of Pia's bike.

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